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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  November 26, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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bruised and beaten, a 15-year-old girl saidhe was attacked by a schl security guard over a cell phone. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. jim vance is off tonight. that fight happened in wise high school in upper maryland on tuesday. now police are looking into it is alleged assault. jackie bensen has both sidesf the story. >> reporter: what happened here at wise high school is a conflict between allegations and a police investigation. this is what 15-year-old maria cloud looked like when her mother saw her in the emergency room at southern maryland hospital on tuesday. >> what happened to this child? did somebody jump her, beat her? i say no. this happened at school with the administration. >> nobody disputes that maria broke the rules. she used a cell phone in class to text a response and then speak to her mother who was running late to pick up her daughter to travel out of town for thanksgiving.
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no one disputes that maria was caught by principal carletta marrow. she said, the school is putting handcuffs on me. i said, marlia, nobody is putting handcuffs on you. i couldn't hane that they would do that. they told me she had a little cut in the ambulance here, a litt cut, and the ambulance e here. that's when i said, are you serious? marlia cloud said she was confronted by two school securityfficers and physically struck. she was hospitalized and received stitches to close a cut under her eye. the prince george's county school system released a statement that said our informatn is that the student was not beaten, but after not complying with the principal's request to leave theclassroom, security personnel wi the principal worked for her safety along with the safety of others
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in the classroom. marlia mccloud, sitting between her parents, says she does not want to go back to wise high school. >> i don't want to go back there, because first they got guns, fighting, and the kids are childish, you know. >> repter: a spokesman for ince george's public schools said the school distric is conducting its own investigation. in upper marrow, news4. in the district -- happed in monday on campus in northwest d.c. during school hours. the juvenile faces first-degree assault charges. take developing story from charles county, maryland tonight. police spent several hours this evening investigating a deadly accident on u.s. 301 and vernon road. two vehicles were involv. one person was killed in the crash. the suspect at the center of a
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shootout in slver spring has been identified as 27-year-old trevor hinton. he is suspected of murder after exchanging fire with a deputy yesterday an using an officer as a shield. tonight a player is injured with a busted lip. he was playing with family and friends at fort mcnair. he was taken back to the white house where doctors put 12 stitches into his lip. according to the white house, the elbow in question belonged to ray delerega who worked with the institute. he could be seen sitting inside the white house with an ice pack while the first family was outside receiving this year's christmas tree. black friday bargains drove shoppers.
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in tyson, corner shoppers were rey for a midnight madness event. old town, alexandria got into it, too, after small antique stores were open that rooifival big box stores. earlbirds in glen arden rushed in at 4:00 this morning. all of the tv sets had been claimed in just five minutes. the same was true at best buy where some shoppers even had their thanksgivin dinner while waiting in the line. in the district, crowds of people packed the upscale m street shopping corridor in georgetown. stores like h and m and apple were packed. according to the national retail federation, shoppers had expeed to spend $690 on average is holiday season. just one day after thanksgiving and people are already turning their attention to christmas. today was the tree lighting ceremony in res ton, virginia. news4 john schriffen was at the
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tree where shoppers are getting into the hiday spirit. >> reston town center certainly knows how to put on a holiday party. earlier toda this tree behind me was lit. it was a massive ceremony. ilts the 20th year they've done this. every year just keeps getting bigger and bigger. tonight the crowd was estimated about 10,000 people. most came to get a picture here with the tree and santa, but there were plenty of others even after the ceremony was ovewho decided to stick around and shop. ♪ >> it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas at the reston town center in virginia where thousands showed up for the tree lighting ceremony. when the time came, the littlest ones with bells made as much noise as possible as santa and mrs. claus rode in f the celebration. >> it's nice skating, and so
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everything is fine. >> from the model trains to the horse carriage rid and ice skating rink, everything here is set up to get shoppers in the festive mood t spend. >> i think it's fine, it's part of tradition. getting out there among the hustle and bustle and fighting the crowds. >> the crowds came early across the region to stock up on black friday bargains. retailers are hoping this is a turnaround to the economic downturn. >> have you been good or d thisyear? >> good. >> do you have your christmas lists already? >> yeah. >> what do you want for christmas this year? >> a bike. >> a zoobles, a barbie camera thingie, i forget what it's called, d for a lot of other things i don't remember becaus there are so many. >> the more kids want, retailers hope, the more parents will have to spend.
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>> i think now that we're a little bit more stable financially, i thnk, yes, definitely. >> shopping isn't finished yet. we'll definitely be spending more. >> and retailers certainly love those long christmas lists from the little kids. if you're interested in coming out to reston town center, it's certainly a family friendly place. every saturday night they have carriage rides, and the ice skating rink, if you'd like to test your luck, is open here every day of the week. rear live here in reston, virginia. back to you in the studio. >> john, thank you. that's a beautiful tree. it feels more like the holidays outside, doesn't it? >> certainly does. a little cold o here tonight. >> indeed. thank you, john. the national harbor tree lighting was ao held tonigh chief meteorologist doug kammerer emceed the event. he'll be live at different lighting displays throughout the season. as for the weather, you can expect a drastic drop in temperature. right, doug? >> that's right, those light
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displays will be in people's front yards, so if you'd like me to come to your front yard, send an e-mail and picture to winds out ofhe north-northwest at 15 miles an hour, and that means we're talking about wind chills. our frtal boundary is now making its way out to the ocean, but certainly some lingering clouds behind them and temperatures are falling fast. 37 right now, 42 in washington, d.c. but wind chills are ging to be the story both tonight and tomorrow morning. i'll break it down for you and let you know just how cool things are going to get with the wind. we m see a warm-up. tensions mount today as north korea fired more shots and the nati is warning that the region could be on the brink of war. potentially embarrassing revelations are expected when an on-line whistleblower releases classified state documents. how to avoid the crowds and
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north korea issued a stern warning to south korea saying planned military exercises in this region were pushing towards war. the threat was made on north do korean tv. shells were fid onto a small korean island, killing four people and destroying dozens of homes. e obama administration is condemning the expted release of classified diplomatic cables by the wikileaks web site.
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it's warning that its release will endanger lives and interest. they are continuing the process of warning governments around the world of what may in those documents. it said the u.s. and its allies are bracing for what may be coming. still ahead, a must-see. before you shop on line, how to protect your personal information oncyber monday. in the dark since thanksgiving. how long it will likely be before power i finally restored to everyone insidethis local condominium building. and brace yourself for the coldest temperatures of [ mom ] my son only wanted one toy this year.
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thehite house has begun to shift into christmas mode. first lady michee obama and her daughters have accepted a christmas tree that was brought in the white house gates on a
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horse-drawn carriage. for shoppers looking for great deals on line, cyber monday is just around the corner. but be warned, shopping on line can put some of your personal information at risk. bill hansen talked about how to minimize your risk. >> reporter: shopping can be intense it gets closer to the holidays, whether you're shopng in the malls or on your computer. >> on black friday, you walk into the stores. it's easy to see it is difference between a scam and a legitimate difrence, but when you go on line, it can be harder to tell. >> they're always working throughout the year to try and scam and steal ney from people and information, but at this time of year, it actually is increased because there is so much activity. >> jf debrose with th virus detection company eset says scamming companies will try to make their on-line companies look legit, but don't you believe t. >> if you don't know that site, ask other people about it. if you don't know the site, seek
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out a de somewhere else. >> in other words, shop familiar web sites. don't shop for deals on sites you've never heard of, and that includes unsolicited e-mail offers. >> if someone gets an e-mail something to the effect of, ipad $150 or fo free for filling out a survey, people need to really think about that. nothing is really free. >> when you're looking through your e-il, watch out for links for special offers, even if it claims to be from a name brand company. >> don't trust the site. go to the site manually and do the search. >> bypass the link. >> bypass the link. it may take a few more seconds, but it could save you a ton of money and heartache. >> they said you might want a credit car just for shopping, one with alow limit, so if your card is exposed, the criminal can't get away with too much as a result. you warned us it could get
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colder. it's very cold out there tonight compared to yesterday. >> exactly. we hit 61 this morning and the temperatures just fell all day long and now we're sitting in the 30 ns many locations and we're going to continue to dip down tonight. many areas will be in the 20s. i was out a little bit earlier at national harbor for te tree lighting there, and after treat lighting, well, they had a great fireworks display, and i was thinking maybe a minute or two down there for the decemr holidays, but, nope, huh-uh. this thing lasted about ten minutes. i tell you, it was a great fireworks display, and they're going to have more eachriday between now and christmas,ow about that? outside right now down towards the airport, temperatures got up to 61 degrees early this morning. when i say early this morning, high temperares were at 6:14 this morning and temperatures fell throughout the d. the low is where we are right now and currently we're sitting at 42 degrees. we'll hit below just before midnight. winds right now out othe
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west-northwest at 13 miles an hour, some winds gusting up to 20 miles an hour, and that's creating pretty cold wind chills. the cold temperatures we've seen so far this year, 42 in the d.c. area and 48 back towards sterling. look at the wind chills, though. we vahaven't talked about wind chills so far this season, manassas at 35 degrees, and up towards hagerstown coming in with a wind chill of 27 degrees. i think some areas could wake up to wind chills in the teens tomorrow. look at the air still to come. back to the st, clear skies. elkins, west virginia, 29. the cold air continuing to filter on in here as soon as our cold frun came through today. we're seeing clear skies back to the west. some clouds here, and as long as we have those clouds, we're not going to be able to radiate completely so we won't cool down until we see those clouds exit. as the clouds move off, so moves in the chilly air and it's going to stay rather breezy with win
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chills overnit tonight, and tomorrow, i think even with plenty of sunshine, it is going to be a very breezy and a very chilly day. on sundayhe high pressure will be almost directly on top of us. that means no wind on sunday, so sunday will be a better day than saturday. at least, it will feel a little bit warmer out there. tomorrow morning, clear skies, a bit breezy. look at the wind chill, between 15 and 25 degrees. actual temperatures between 25 and 32 degrees. 32, if we do hit that at the airport, it will be the first freeze this season officially at the airport. most of you have already seen a freeze. mostly sunny tomorrow, becoming windy, a cold afternoon, 33 to 46 degrees, so wind chills will be in the 30s just about all day long. a nice day on monday, then 60 on tuesda that's ahead of another system that will bring potentially heavy rain tuesday into wednesday before things cool down as we end next week. >> time for the first fire in the fireplace of the season.
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>> i think it . do you have your wood? >> i ♪ ♪
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it's a feast for sports fans this long holiday weekend, isn't it? >> it's outstanding. you have football, basketball, and if you're a hocke fan, you have the apitals. the nhl's leading score is steven stamkos. sta stamkos and the tampa bay lightning. but the caps have a g named alex ovechkin.
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he played the tampa hat trick tonight. man, he was playing well. let's go to chinatown. bonyov making the starting goal skpl he got plenty of offensive help. joh johanson made the starting goal. john carlson's third goal of the year. second period, the caps erupt. up 4-0 on the power play. that was quick, too. probably didn't see that. we'll show it to you again. look at this cross-i'd path. beautiful. he gets the hat trick. a natural hat trick for semmen. capitals take charge out of the lightning winng 6-0. six new players learn how to keep fighting after stinking up the joinin the first half.
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the terps trailed in half time, but always good. early in this one the terps were the ones actually being stuffed. first half, elon up by eight. jack eyisenberger built up. the terps get their act together on the break. adrian to shawn mosely. the terps with some great ball movement. they finally get it downloaded and he takes a rest. 27 points and 13 rebounds. maland outscores elon by 22 in the second half. they win it 76-67. virgia tech taking on oklahoma state in anaheim. hokies off by three, the cowboys winning. that is getting up and getting
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up high. oklahoma state led by seven with six to play. but then the hokies went on an 18-3 run. jeff allen and tyrone garvin working that nicely. hokies beat oklahoma state 56-51. they improve to 4-1 on the year. talking football now. redskins need all the healthy bodies they can get against the vikings on sunday, but there aren't many lt. ron landry and ryan terrain, they're out. seven other starters listed as questionable on the latest injury report. santa santano moss will be gametime decisions. all these games are win or go home. it's the state's 4-a semi finals, gaithersburg hosting savannah on this one. gaithersburg hosting the ball. off the face mask and into the air a heads-up play by george
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van ho. he returns at 32 yards. so the hawks take a 7-0 lead. then just before half time, urban allianz up for the field goal or not. a touchdown. urbana moves into the state finals with a 37-6 victory. in virginia, stonebridge hosting hayfield for the regional championship. this is the opening kickoff of the game, and what a way to start if you are stonebridge. kyle devai, the son of former redskins linebacker kirk dai, taking it back 86 yards for the touchdown. 35-7 and they are moving on to the region finals. >> easy to pronounce his name, huh? >> govai? >> we have heard it before. for this local woman used to
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living life on her terms, life
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hundreds of condo residents in arlington had still in the dark after a massive power failure. dominion power said all four tranormers had failed last night. a lot of people were right in the middle of cooking their thanksgiving dinner when it happened. crews have restored the of the
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a federal heights woman is not letting a bill challenge get her down. two years ago, she lost both her arms and legs due to a severe strep infection. since then she has been out fitted with prosthetics and has tried to resume her life, including her love of cooking. now she and a friend are working on a cookboofor people with prosthetics or limited hand function. [ cheersnd applause ] a little shaving here.


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